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In the woods – April 2019

The Friends of Foothills Knoll Park is a group of Greater Vernon residents dedicated to the establishment of a large regional destination park on the knoll above Silver Star Foothills subdivision in Vernon, BC Canada.

This website was created to keep North Okanagan residents informed on what's happening on the Foothills Knoll, and to encourage participation in the effort to create a park that will benefit the community today and into the future.

Though we are completely independent from and not affiliated with the Foothills Community Association (contact), we wish to acknowledge the great work they have done over the past decade promoting the idea of a park on Foothills Knoll. We view our role as one of taking this quest to the next level, by gathering all stakeholders together to collaboratively plan and establish an amazing park on the Foothills Knoll!

As you can appreciate from the multimedia content here, this environmentally sensitive area is one of the most scenic spots in the North Okanagan, and certainly would be a true jewel as a large regional park ...

... But its future is uncertain!

The area above the Foothills subdivision is quite popular for hiking and picnicking, yet most people that hike there are unaware they are trespassing on private land. Some real estate videos even promote the Foothills as a wonderful place to live due to the great hiking trails in the area! But will there be anywhere left to hike or picnic in a few years when it's all fully developed?

The Bear Facts - May 5 17:28

Know the Facts

From talking to Vernon residents, we've found there to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty as to what the plans are for this incredibly scenic area. Is the City of Vernon planning a big park, or a small park up there? How much higher will the housing development go? Will it go right to the top? Will it still be a nice place to go for a hike or a picnic? How about impacts on wildlife? How much worse will the traffic get with all the new houses up there? These are just a few of the many questions that we will endeavour to provide answers for.

Spring has sprung - April 2019

As we continually add content to this website, hopefully you will feel better informed on this incredibly important issue. You may even want to get involved in the movement to create this amazing public park on the Foothills Knoll that North Okanagan residents will love and cherish for many generations to come!

Step Forward and Make a Difference!

In the News!

Here is a link to some articles that have appeared in the local press over the last few years relating to the creation of Foothills Knoll Park. Perhaps an article in the near future will talk about the actual creation of a new park on the knoll! We can only hope!